• Roasted eggplant seasoned with vinegar, garlic, parsley and chili flakes to add a little spice


    الباذنجان المشوي

  • Deep fried homemade croquettes, with mountain-grown pasta served with bruschetta topped with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil



  • Sautéed clams with garlic, parsley and olive oil


    سوتيه المحار

    محار مقلي مع الثوم والبقدونس وزيت…

  • Slices of bresaola served with parmesan shavings on a bed of rocket with a drizzle or olive oil and…

  • Slices of Buffalo mozzarella with fresh tomatoes and basil seasoned with salt , oregano and a drizzle of olive…

  • Fried sliced zucchini, seasoned with sliced garlic, olive oil and vinegar served with a side of rocket



  • Sautéed of peppers in the pan with olives, parsley and garlic served with a side of fresh rocket


  • Sliced eggplant fried layered with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil


    ميلانزاني ألا بارميجانا

    شرائح من الباذنجان المقلي مغطاة…

  • Fried eggplant with tomatoes and basil


    ميلانزاني افونجيتي

    باذنجان مقلي مع الطماطم والريحان



  • Sliced rings of squid cooked in a tomato based stew served with fresh homemade bread


    كالاماري اينوميدو

  • Healthy option of grilled salmon served with a garden salad with parsley and olive oil


    السلمون المشوي

  • Healthy baked salmon with lemon, parsley and garden salad


    سمك السلمون بالفرن

    سمك سلمون مطهو بالفرن مع…

  • Breaded and fried succulent chicken breast accompanied with a serving of French fries


    كوتاليتا ألا ميلانيز


  • Grilled chicken breast with a lemon and parsley and olive oil dressing served with a side salad



  • Tomato, garlic, olive oil and basil


  • A favourite for most with a tomato based sauce with fresh mozzarella and basil



    البيتزا المفضلة…

  • An authentic treat with a combination of a tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, olives, turkey ham, artichokes, mushrooms and…

  • A delicious combination of mozzarella, fresh cherry tomatoes and basil


    فيليتو دي بومودورو

    مزيج لذيذ من جبنة…

  • A tomato based sauce with Buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil



    جبنة بوفالو موزاريلا مع صلصة الطماطم…

  • A delicious treat with a combination of mozzarella, slices of bresaola, parmesan shavings, fresh cherry tomatoes, rocket and basil


  • Turn up the heat! Tomato based sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, basil and chili flakes



    استعد للطعم الحار!…

  • A classic pizza named after garden produce, consisting of mozzarella, capsicums, black olives, zucchini, eggplant, sliced mushrooms and basil


  • A folded pizza stuffed with cottage cheese, mozzarella, pepperoni, tomatoes and pepper corn with a serving of rocket and…

  • For all seafood lovers this is a tomato based sauce with fresh calamari, prawns, clams, garlic and oregano


  • A stunning combination of cream sauce, mozzarella, minced meat and mushrooms


    بيتزا الشيف

    مزيج مذهل من الكريمة…

  • A party pizza with mozzarella, slices of hot dog and French fries



    بيتزا الحفلات مع جبنة…

  • Our very own pizza with a cream sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, minced meat, homemade croquettes and pepper corn



  • A rich cream sauce with sliced chicken breast, mozzarella and fresh basil



    بيتزا غنية بالكريمة مع…

  • A folded pizza stuffed with cottage cheese, mozzarella, pepperoni, tomatoes and pepper corn with a serving of rocket and…

  • Baked and sliced pizza dough with mozzarella, sliced bresaola, rocket and fresh tomatoes


    سالتيمبوكا محشوة

    شرائح عجينة…

  • A fresh crisp rocket based salad with feta cheese, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and corn


    سلطة مديترنيان


  • A delightful mixture of leaves, fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumber and carrots


    سلطة مشكلة

    مزيج لذيذ من أوراق…

  • A selection of clams, calamari, shrimp served with spaghetti and fresh tomatoes


    سباجيتي ألو سكوليو

    مجموعة مختارة…

  • Clams served with spaghetti and fresh tomatoes


    سباجيتي ألو فونجولي

    محار مقدم مع السباجيتي والطماطم الطازجة



  • Penne pasta served in a rich tomato sauce with mozzarella, parmesan and sliced eggplant


    بينّيه أللا سيسيليانا

  • Penne pasta in a cream sauce with minced meat and mushrooms


    بينّيه بولتشينيلا

    معكرونة بينّيه مع الكريمة…

  • Fettuccini pasta with our homemade minced meat and tomato based sauce



    معكرونة فيتوتشينى مع اللحم المفروم…

  • Delicious gnocchi in a rich tomato sauce served with mozzarella, grana padano cheese and fresh basil


    نيوتشكي الا…

  • Grilled calamari with lemon, parsley and a side of garden salad


    الكالاماري المشوي

    طبق كالاماري مشوي مع…

  • Fried crispy calamari with lemon and served on a bed of rocket


    الكالاماري المقلي

    طبق كالاماري مقلي…

  • Shrimps and calamari grilled and served on a bed of rocket


    روبيان وكالاماري مشوي

    مشوي الروبيان والكالاماري…

  • Shrimps and calamari fried in a tempura batter served on a bed of rocket


    روبيان وكالاماري مقلي

  • Shrimps grilled with a serving of garden salad


    روبيان مشوى

    روبيان مشوي مقدم مع سلطة خضراء



  • A dessert of cake infused with coffee layered with mascarpone cheese and topped with cocoa




  • A traditional Italian chocolate and almond cake



    كعكة إيطالية تقليدية بالشوكولاتة واللوز



  • Chocolate cake with a gooey chocolate surprise in the middle


    باتشي دي شوكولاته

    كعكة الشوكولاتة محشوة بالشوكولاته…

  • Traditional biscuit based cheesecake


    تشيز كيك

    تشيز كيك تقليدي بقاعدة من البسكويت