Slices of bresaola served with parmesan shavings on a bed of rocket with a drizzle or olive oil and vinegar



شرائح من البرزولا البقري مضاف لها جبنة البارميزان, مقدمة على أوراق الجرجير مع نكهة زيت الزيتون والخل



  • Deep fried homemade croquettes, with mountain-grown pasta served with bruschetta topped with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil



  • Sautéed clams with garlic, parsley and olive oil


    سوتيه المحار

    محار مقلي مع الثوم والبقدونس وزيت…

  • Slices of Buffalo mozzarella with fresh tomatoes and basil seasoned with salt , oregano and a drizzle of olive…

  • Fried sliced zucchini, seasoned with sliced garlic, olive oil and vinegar served with a side of rocket



  • Sautéed of peppers in the pan with olives, parsley and garlic served with a side of fresh rocket